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Key Features


Simple and powerful Web UI

SQLOne is easy to install and configure in the enterprise infrastructure. It offers a simple and powerful Web UI that helps enterprises to search their application databases immediately. Searches can be done through familiar keyword-driven search interface.

Searches multiple databases, correlates data and offers meaningful search results

SQLOne offers the unique value of relating data from all the tables based on the search words.

For example, if you search for the keyword John in an employee database using SQLOne, it will not only find all occurrences of the keyword John in all the tables, but it will also check for relationships. Say if employee John is found in the table employee and has an employee id 2060. If more details about his professional qualifications are available in different tables (related through employee id), then SQLOne search engine will not only fetch the details from the employee table but will also fetch the relevant details from the qualifications table too.

Integrated view of Enterprise Databases

SQLOne database search engine provides an integrated view of the information searched across tables in Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL databases. The integrated information view provides a huge value addition to end-users.

See-through Application Databases

SQLOne helps you to search application databases without the need for the corresponding respective applications GUI. This offers a transparent view of your enterprise and application databases.

Works with modeled and unmodeled databases

SQLOne helps you find meaningful results from modeled and unmodeled databases. In an unmodeled database, relationships between tables are not well defined (modeled database has well-defined relationships through primary and foreign key definitions). SQLOne finds relationships and helps you find relevant results even in an unmodeled database.

Automatic categorization, enabling multi-dimensional navigation to search results

To aid users to quickly spot the information required, SQLOne Search allows you to logically group the search results into meaningful and relevant categories. This enables a quick multi-dimensional navigation into the search results.

Intelligent ranking of search results

SQLOne ranks the results based on the relevance of the table with respect to the search word. The importance of the table is calculated based on referral links (foreign key links). Tables with the most referral links are considered important. When searching within a table, the rows are sorted based on timestamp column, if any, to present the most recent data on the top. Users can also configure the column to sort the data and the order of sorting.

SQL query generation for matching results

SQLOne auto-generates SQL queries to fetch the matching search result(s). Users can plug-in this query directly into any application for fetching/reporting of data.

Powerful XML API

SQLOne database search can be integrated in your application by using the powerful XML API. Its a simple HTTP-based API for serving search results in XML format. With SQLOne XML API users have complete control on how the search is executed and how the results are presented to the end users.

Powerful Administrative Console

SQLOne's powerful Administration console helps administrators to index, configure and search databases immediately. Administrators can schedule SQLOne to crawl and index rapidly growing databases periodically to provide relevant results with the latest updates. It also enables them to customize the search result GUI to suit specific enterprise application/website requirements.

On-the-fly Search Result View customization in minutes

Enterprises can customize the SQLOne search result client without writing a single line of code, using a template driven, web-based WYSIWYG environment to suit any application/website interface requirements.

Seamless integration into websites / enterprise applications

Enterprises can easily customize and seamlessly integrate SQLOne into their existing application environments or websites without writing a single line of code!

Zero impact on Application Database

Crawling, Indexing, and Searching databases of different applications with SQLOne are fine-tuned to ensure that they do not affect the application and database performance in anyway.



Modeled Database

In a Modeled Database, the Primary Keys and Foreign Keys are well defined and it is stored as part of the index information. During search, SQLOne uses this primary key and foreign key relationship to fetch the complete information about the search words from multiple tables.

Unmodeled Database

In an Unmodeled Database, the Primary Keys and Foreign Keys are NOT well defined. During indexing, SQLOne uses Heuristics to intelligently identify such relationships (primary and foreign keys) using the data available in the database. During search, this relationship identified is used to fetch the complete information about the search words from multiple tables.

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